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Tradition and Roots

The path of FraserTech first began in 2006 when Cees van den Bogert started repairing and servicing vehicles in his home garage. Several years later (in a partnership) he began operating in Rosedale under the name of Tech Alliance Repair, and then soon after as a proprietor under Tech Alliance Automotive Repair. In 2019 Cees, with his young family, decided to move to his native South Africa. 

At this time David van Saane, who worked with Cees for 9 years, and Daniel Klop, a journeyman mechanic joined in partnership to create FraserTech Repair Service.

Building a Legacy

With an unparalleled reputation for quality and passionate customer service FraserTech was built from the ground up and 14 years of service attest to this legacy. Dave and Dan continue to build on this legacy and only consider a repair job complete when their clients are satisfied.


Dan Klop


Dan became a mechanic in 2008 after attending the UFV Automotive Service Technician program. His favourite service to complete is brake lines on any vehicle​ and he loves talking to all the clients. ​

Dan's favourite food is Chicken cord en blue with caesar salad, he loves hunting and watching sports (especially the Canucks). ​Dan's go-to coffee is a black cup of A&W or Tim's coffee and Dan's dream vehicle is a Ford F350 Platinum.​

Dan is married to his wife Nikolien and they have 3 children; Ronan, Emery & Alden


Dave van Saane

Dave became a mechanic in 2011 after being hand trained by experienced mentors. ​His favourite service to complete is a full motor swap. 

Dave loves a great tenderloin with fries, he loves renovating his house and especially loves the Seahawks. ​Dave's go to coffee is a Timmy's coffee with 1 cream and if he could have any vehicle, Dave is dreaming about the Rolls Royce Cullinan. ​

Dave is married to his wife Lainey and they have 1 son, Kaziah.

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